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Adopting a German Shepherd Dog is a serious commitment of up to 10-15 years. We're looking to find our dogs forever homes so their lives won't be disrupted again.

In general, we don't know the background or medical history of dogs we bring into our program, nor can we guarantee their temperaments, behaviors, or health. We base the information on each dog on observations made while the dog is in a foster home in our program.

Since not all homes are the same, dogs may display different behaviors after being adopted than what we've observed. Similarly, just because a dog has lived with or tested tolerant of cats or small dogs, does NOT mean it will automatically be tolerant of cats or small dogs in a new home. It may take time and supervision while the animals adjust.

All of our dogs are spayed or neutered as required of all California shelters and rescues by the California Food & Agriculture Code Section 30503. They are also current on all vaccines and microchipped.

Not all dogs will be at all adoption events. We don't reserve dogs for adoption by telehone or email. You MUST first submit an adoption application.

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  • Astrid
    Sm. Dogs
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    Female 9.6 months Level 2.5

    Special needs (Health)

    This is Astrid! This lovely lady is around 7 months old and she is about as sweet as can be. She can be somewhat barky at new dogs on leash, but that is being worked on. We can tell she had zero training in her previous 'home" but she is... More

    Added October 12, 2020

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