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Lonely GSD in the shelter

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Gender: Male

Age: 3.1 years

Level: 2.5 (View level descriptions)

Status: Ready for Adoption

Kapitan came to us from Stanislaus Animal Services where he was found as a stray.  We think that he chewed the tie to his collar and got out of his yard where he was tied up.  He knew we were coming to save him someday!  Kapitan was extremely fearful with his tail tucked as we led him past the kennels of other dogs, but he quickly warmed up to the evaluators and very soon into his evaluation he was giving kisses.  We knew that he would not do well in the shelter environment so we had to take him in, even though he does not look like our typical GSDs!  He did well meeting the new female, Sacha.  He is currently being fostered with a whole pack and is doing well meeting new dogs. It is very clear that Kapitan's adopters will need to go slow with him and show him love, something that has been lacking for this sweet boy.  Kapitan will do well with another dog in the home.  He has more confidence when another dog is present.  He is crate trained takes treats nicely and loves to lick.  In new situtiations he is cautious, but his confidence increases everyday.  He doesn't seem to mind cats, but again should be monitored and taken slowly.  He is one that will want to please his family and can become very attached quickly.


Adoption Fee includes spay or neuter, vaccinations including rabies, worming, microchip, and a collar.

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