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Lonely GSD in the shelter

For only 75¢ a day you can help us pay for one month of food for a rescued German Shepherd.

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Volunteer of the Month

Here are the Golden State German Shepherd Rescue Volunteers of the Month! We appreciate all of them for their tireless work.

Volunteer of the Month for May 2014 is Louise Taylor!

Louise Taylor

"Though I am typically a shy person, animals bring out the best in me, and I'm sure others can relate. "
"I'm so happy I started fostering with GSGSR as it has completed a part of my life that I did not know was missing."
Three years ago my partner and I adopted Nyx, our black shepherd mix.  She has been the best dog in so many ways, but she was a challenging puppy due to her working drive.  In an effort to satisfy this drive we started doing K9 Nosework with Nyx and we were delighted to see her working needs fulfilled.   Nyx just needed a job to do in order to stay out of trouble!
Our family has always adopted pets through rescue organizations.  About a year ago we visited GSGSR during a Maddie's Fund weekend.  We kinda/sorta/maybe wanted to add a 3rd dog to our pack of two, but weren't ready to commit yet.  So after speaking with some friendly volunteers we decided to try out fostering.  Like many people at first we did not know how we could foster without wanting to adopt our foster dog.  But all of a sudden it became clear: we could love a dog and treat it as our own, only to pass him/her to their forever home.  Yes, it was sad to say goodbye to our foster puppies.  But after meeting their potential adopters it was SO clear that our fosters were going to amazing homes and families.  They were/are going to get as much, if not more love than they received in their foster home.  I could say "goodbye" to my foster pups and know they were going to be loved for the rest of their lives.
So, back to our amazing dog, Nyx.  Turned out that Nyx had another hidden talent: fostering puppies.  And so did I.  Nyx has the stamina and patience to play with pups and teach them good doggie social skills.  As her vet says "Nyx is a good bitch".  Fostering puppies became our niche within Golden State German Shepherd Rescue.  As an employee of Pet Food Express, my dogs can come to work with me and I too have an extreme patience for puppies.  Nyx and I formed our place in the pack for GSGSR and took on 11 puppies in one year.  As a team we teach our foster pups crate training, potty training, people skills, and canine skills.  Nyx and I love seeing puppies gain confidence in themselves and develop into emotionally healthy dogs. 

Volunteer of the Month for April 2014 is Pam Eisele!

Pam Eisele

A love for animals has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.  It led me to shelter work and then into veterinary medicine.  I have had a very interesting and rewarding career working with all kinds of animals:  small and large, domestic, zoo, wild, and avian.  My husband, John, and I have also shared our home with many beloved pets.  Among all the great dogs that we have had, the shepherds are definitely among my favorites.  I love them for the same reasons you all do - for their intelligence, loyalty, beauty, athleticism,  “joie de vivre”, and heart.  There is just something amazing about a good GSD!

When I retired, I wanted to volunteer to help people and animals in places where my experience would be utilized.  My first major project was as a Breeder Caretaker for the Canine Companions for Independence.  John was a huge help with this work and together we started 5 litters of retriever puppies in their lives as service dogs.  When we finished that work, I wanted to get back to German shepherds because I was missing them so much.  My previous shelter work had made me acutely aware of how many wonderful animals there are in need, waiting for a home and people to love them, so I was interested in trying to help with the problem.  I combed the internet for months, looking at GSDs and rescue groups.  

It took me awhile, but I eventually found my way into GSGSR.  I am so glad that I did!  I love working with this group of fine, dedicated people.  And I am constantly impressed with the dogs that we bring into our program.  The combination makes our adoption days lots of fun, which is a bonus!  My program niche is mainly fostering.  I really enjoy working with the dogs and helping them find homes, and meeting the people who adopt them. I also help out by making jewelry for fundraising.  This is a great group and everyone has something to offer!  Thank you so much for this recognition!

Volunteer of the Month for March 2014 is Vicki Benevides!

Vicki Benevides

I first volunteered with GSGSR to help heal the grief of losing our beloved GSD Max to cancer.  I have always loved German Shepherds and even though I wasn't yet ready for another dog, I wanted to help other GSDs find a good home.  My husband Bill and I started with fostering and because of family constraints needed to discontinue that type of support so we now transport and help at adoption days.  We both feel the need to support this great organization in the pursuit of of helping to unite wonderful dogs with good families.  We hope to be able to foster again in the future but for now this allows us to support and be in contact with GSDs and the other great volunteers at GSGSR.

Volunteer of the Month for December 2013 is Betsy Grajeda!

Betsy Grajeda

I have been volunteering with GSGSR for just a few months now on a regular basis.  I started out by fostering; first Eric Clapton (Oliver) and then Danke (now Charley).  As a twice foster fail : )…I wanted to do volunteering in some other way and thanks to Kelley Allison she asked me to be a transport coordinator for GSGSR.  I also have done some transport myself and look forward to helping out within GSGSR
as opportunities come up.
I have always loved German Shepherds for their intelligence and loyalty and am really happy to be able to be part of a rescue that appreciates German Shepherds for the same reasons as I do.  I look forward to meeting many more of the volunteers at future events as well as the great dogs just waiting for their forever homes.

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