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Lonely GSD in the shelter

You can help us pay for one month of food for a rescued German Shepherd.



Gender: Male

Age: 7.4 years

Level: 2.0 (View level descriptions)

Status: Adopted

My name is ABEL and I have a really bad case of Demodex.  Right now I do not look very good, most of my fur is missing, my feet are really swollen, I smell really bad, however that did not stop two ladies from pulling me out of my kennel at the Stockton Shelter.  When I saw them standing at the door I got up off my cot and came over to meet them.  I smiled at them and kissed their hands, the next thing I knew they led me out to the play yard where I met a young puppy, who was a little to energetic for me, but I still thought she was nice.  The next thing I know, they put me in a crate and took me for a ride.  I went to see my new doctor and then came home with one of the nice ladies.  Her family gave me a really good meal and a warm, cozy bed.  I am not feeling to well so I stayed in bed most of the evening, I am not complaining because I really like my soft and warm bed, especially because I got to eat a cookie in bed.

My foster mom and dad gave me a bath and told me I would get better soon.  I did not like the shower too much, but I do feel better and I got a really yummy treat, maybe I'll get used to those showers, I hear I'll be getting a lot more.  After, I got out of the shower I laid down on my bed and my foster mom put warm towels on me, boy did that feel good.  Just wait once all my hair grows back in everyone is going to want to adopt me because I am such a handsome boy.  

Keep checking back so you can see how gorgeous I am with my fur....Dont be put off by my shelter photos.  That's how I looked, but as you can see in my Main Pic, I am coming along nicely.  All I need is some TLC and time and I'm going to be someone's super fun companion!

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