Fostering saves lives.

Have you ever considered fostering a German Shepherd who needs rescuing? Maybe you have other animals already. Maybe you think you are short on space. Maybe you’ve heard Shepherds are hard to manage. Our approach at Golden State German Shepherd Rescue is to pull dogs who are a good fit for families.

When you become a foster, you become a vital link in the rescue chain… buying time and helping the dog find its best forever home. We cover the cost of vetting, food and supplies while the dog is in your home. You supply the love and attention and assist with promoting your dog to get adopted. Fostering could take a couple of weeks or a couple of months, depending on the individual dog.

And if you’ve never experienced handling a German Shepherd, we can even help with professional training! Like many of our volunteers, you will fall in love with this intelligent, loyal and beautiful breed.

We are ALWAYS looking for new Fosters. Please email or call Golden State German Shepherd Rescue to learn more.


"I have fostered over 24 dogs for GSGSR in the past 6 years.  The dogs have all ranged from puppies to seniors.  As I have 2 dogs of my own, the #1 goal is to make sure they all get along.  I trust the GSGSR evaluation process & know that the dogs brought into the program are more or less open to being with other dogs.  To see the personality of the shy/nervous dog bloom into something fun and lovable is just a wonderful thing" -  Mike

"We certainly had a high learning curve the first few weeks together but I was rewarded with an extremely goofy, high energy, loyal and loving friend whom I cherish. Dutch has been such an amazing value add to my life. She's gotten me outside of my apartment on cloudy days, been a motivating workout partner, literally a shoulder to cry on, and was a recent road trip companion. It was an extremely rewarding experience for me, I felt I learned a lot, did a good deed for my community, and also got so many benefits from having her." - Mallory