Donate to the Siggy Fund for Special Needs Dogs or the Rose Fund for Senior Dogs

Special Needs

From time to time we encounter a German Shepherd in a shelter with major medical problems that require expensive medical procedures. We will rescue the dog if we believe the animal, when given medical treatment, can be adopted out and live a happy useful life. We are then faced with finding the funds to pay for the expensive treatments. These are what we call "Special Needs" Rescues.

Senior Dogs (7 years and older)

Often people abandon their companion animals simply because they are old. We try to rescue these deserving seniors when we can and find a place for them to live out their remaining years in comfort instead of letting them be euthanized in a cold shelter environment.  Older dogs can be some of the best friends you could ask for. They are generally housetrained, mellow, easy to live with, they are past inappropriate puppy chewing and still able to learn new things. Though they may be with you fewer years, those years will be rich in love and gratitude.

We have two special funds to help dogs who require extra care:

You can also Donate to the Siggy Fund or the Rose Fund.

The Siggy Fund for Special Needs Dogs

The Siggy Fund for Special needs dogs was created by GSGSR volunteers in honor of a 3 month old puppy who came to us with a leg so badly broken it was amputated to give him the best possible outcome. This fund is for dogs with extensive medical issues such as joint replacement, broken bones, serious injuries and/or significant health problems. These are dogs that we feel will can be adopted and lead fulfilling, useful lives if they can just receive treatment for their health issues. The Siggy Fund allows us to help a few of these special dogs beyond the money that is in our general fund.

Some of our medical need dogs may have a chronic medical condition, such as Pannus or Epilepsy. Typically the conditions are treatable but not curable, or curable only in the long term. Other times the only medical need is time to recuperate from a broken bone or skin condition. The Siggy Fund has been established to provide financial support for just these special occasions. Your donations to this fund will be used for paying veterinary expenses for just our Special Needs dogs.

Siggy Four Months Old
Siggy, honoree of the fund

The Rose Fund for Senior Dogs

Our Senior Dog Fund was established to help dogs who are 8 years or older. For Senior dogs that find themselves in shelters or having to leave their lifelong families, it can be extremely stressful and frightening. These dogs often get passed over for the younger dogs and end up being put down at a much higher rate than other dogs. However, we believe these Senior dogs deserve every bit as much of a chance as every other dog and we will do everything we can do help them. Senior dogs are often the easiest of all rescue dogs, they are usually calm, housebroken, trained and make great companions. The initial funding for our Senior Dog Fund came from a long time supporter Mary Severson, in memory of her dog Rose. And the fund appropriately enough will be known as the "Rose-Senior Dog Fund". Mary wrote "In loving memory of my Rose - who was beautiful and smart and funny, obedient, agile, devoted, and irreplaceable."

Rose, Mary, and Bubba
Rose's head shot
Rose, including Mary and her other well loved German Shepherd Dog, Bubba.

Please make your check payable to GSGSR, write "Siggy Fund" or "Rose Fund" in the memo field, and mail it to:

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PO Box 2956
Alameda, CA 94501

We also accept Credit Cards, e-checks, and direct transfers through Paypal. You can write "Siggy Fund" or "Rose Fund" in the message field for the Paypal transaction:

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