Phone Support

Everyone loves working with the dog but working with the public is just as important in the Rescue world. Good community relations are a hallmark of a well run and well respected organization. Golden State German Shepherd Rescue is striving to be known for their good "customer" support. We are in need of volunteers to help us with this important part of our business. We have no office or staff to man our hotline but phone contact is a big part of how people learn about us.

Volunteering for the phone line is easy and requires very little time. When we receive a call on our toll free number, an email goes to our central address with a copy of the call information and recording. We typically only get a few calls per day and we just ask that our volunteers return the calls in a timely fashion. We provide support and information on how to deal with typical calls. And there is no checking the phone number, if you don't get an email, you don't have any calls to return!

Please consider helping us with our phone support line. Complete the Volunteer Questionnaire online or contact us at to begin the process. We look forward to talking to you!