Marketing covers a broad range of things we do to find volunteers and adopters, obtain donations and promote good community relations. There are a lot of opportunities and needs in this area.

We could use help with things like:

  • Photography and Videography – nothing draws people in as well as a great picture; help us take photos of our dogs and events

  • Newsletter Writers and Editors – our newsletter goes out twice a year and really showcases what's happening in our group; we could also use copy writing experience for other publications

  • Advertising and Media Relations – any way to get the word out about adoption days, other specials events, and special needs dogs is especially important

  • Special Events Support – organize, coordinate and staff information booths at various pet-related events set-up by other organizations (Bay to Barkers, Animals on Broadway, etc)

  • Posting Flyers – even if you just have a few hours to post flyers in your area, this can make a difference in the lives of our rescued dogs

Please complete the Volunteer Questionnaire online or contact us at if you would like to donate some of your time and talents in these areas or if you have other thoughts on ways to help publicize what our organization does and find support for our dogs and educational programs.