Training Articles

Please note that even the best trainer may not work for every dog and owner combination and not every training tool may be the best one for a given dog and owner at a given time and not every training method may be the best one at a given time for a given dog and owner. It is up to the owner to be responsible for the safety, health and well being of their dog and to constantly evaluate if their dog is being best served by the trainer, training tools and training methods being used. The more education an owner has, the better able s/he will be able to make that decision. The dog should always be consulted through an evaluation of it's body language and general well being to see if the trainer, tools and training method are appropriate. Consider using a professional with a documented record of success with the breed of dog and type of problem you are seeking advice about.

Disclaimer: If your dog is exhibiting aggression towards humans or other dogs, you should consult a professional experienced with the behavior your dog is exhibiting. Likewise, you should consult a veterinarian for any health or nutrition issues your dog may have. Golden State German Shepherd Rescue does not make any representation or claims regarding the information appearing in the articles, books, DVDs, websites or the like below; they are provided as a courtesy.