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Lonely GSD in the shelter

You can help us pay for one month of food for a rescued German Shepherd.

Oskar (Tom Sawyer)

Oskar (Tom Sawyer)

Gender: Male

Age: 6.9 years

Level: 2.5 (View level descriptions)

Status: Adopted

Oscar (2017) is a handsome big dude.  He may be on the older side, but he has a very playful side to him as well.  Loves to chase the ball and will do good to have more activity in his life.  We have been working on walking and running him daily.  As well as integrating a stretching routine afterwards to help him as we think he has been stiffened up from laying around his whole life.  

He has shown to be walking well on leash, and shows no sign of leash aggression unless pushed.  We have been working on his guarding behavior,.  Oscar is extremely strong physically as well as has an independent GSD mind, so a home with GSD experience is a necessity for this boy.  Due to these factors, he would be listed as a level 2.5 to 3.  

We can help more dogs if we have more volunteers. If you can help in any way, please contact us.

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Oskar (Tom Sawyer)Oskar (Tom Sawyer)Oskar (Tom Sawyer)