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Lonely GSD in the shelter

You can help us pay for one month of food for a rescued German Shepherd.



Gender: Female

Age: 3.6 years

Level: 2.5 (View level descriptions)

Status: Adopted

Tia comes to us from the Manteca Animal Shelter where she was found as a stray.  Miss Tia was found in pretty rough shape in middle of January.  She is being treated for demodex due to flea allergies and it looks like she may have been hurt by another animal.  She loves people and likes meeting other dogs even though she is not feeling well. 

She is currently on medical hold, but will be available soon.  Keep an eye on her progress.  It is amazing to see the transformation in this beautiful breed when they are giving TLC.

First round of photos are from Feb 4th when we rescued Tia from the shelter.  New set of pics are 2 weeks later at our recent Sacramento Adoption Event.  She is coming out of her shell as well as her fur is growing back quickly.  She was a bit shy but warmed up very quickly when meeting new peope and loved receiving love from people! 

All of Tia's photos are in order of her freedom day from the shelter to her most recent adoption event in march.  Her fur is fully grown back and 

VIDEOS:  March 2018:

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