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Lonely GSD in the shelter

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Gender: Male

Age: 2.4 years

Level: 2.5 (View level descriptions)

Status: Adoption Pending

Corbin comes to us as a stray from Stanislaus Animal Services.  He is around 2 years old and a bundle of great energy.  He is very friendly very sweet, checks in with each person and is ready to play and ready to please!   He does great with dogs and loves meeting new people.  He will benefit from consisent training, as he was probably an outside dog,  He is crate trained but sometimes does not like to go in right away.  He would rather be with his people and be part of the action.  Corbin would do well with just about anyone.  He is trainable with cats. 

One warning put your shoes and socks away or he will pick them up and play with them.  He is also not fond of baths.

Updates from his foster 6/15/2018: 

Corbin is currently in some training sessions at CooperHaus K9, led by trainer Adrianah, wants to please and learns quickly; liked going to class, with 10 other rescue dogs, worked on long “down - stay” with a variety of distractions inside and out; worked on heeling in a large pack; practiced not sniffing other dogs or people while in heel; demonstrated he doesn’t react to other dogs on street barking/lunging at him 

“Corbin is showing himself to be a solid dog ; has some prey drive; if allowed, would have chased squirrels and birds while on walks;  heeling improving every day; might enjoy an adopter who jogs (he walks at nice aerobic brisk pace; easily doing 4-5 miles a day); might enjoy living with another dog; rides well in car (free in backseat of sedan); trustworthy when left alone in car during short errands; doesn’t appear very worldly; most situations appear to be first time (reluctant walking through automated doors into a store; car/ truck/train sounds may cause him to halt on walks momentarily to process that new input); easily walks past people eating at outdoor cafes; will try to counter surf at foster home (consistently corrected otherwise); will try to chew on soft things at foster home (consistently corrected to “leave it” and to “take” appropriate soft dog toy; fussy, slow eater"


Adoption Fee includes spay or neuter, vaccinations including rabies, worming, microchip, and a collar.

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