Reba '20

Female 4.9 years Level 2.5

Adopted Added January 19, 2020

Reba had a rough start at life.  She was left in the backyard with no human interaction or socialization from a few weeks old until she was about 4 months old.  Reba was an owner surrender to the shelter where she sat scared and anxious for a month before she was rescued and placed in one of our foster homes.  In the four months Reba has been in her foster home she has made leaps and bounds of progress. 

Reba MUST have another dog(s) to keep her company and to keep up her confidence.  We did attempt placing her in a home as an only dog and that did not work out at all. 

She loves to play fetch; she will drop the ball a few feet from her human.  She is potty trained, walks on a leash, knows her name, come, drop it and leave it.  She is still working on sit.  Reba loves to be with her humans and foster siblings.  Reba sleeps in the house with the humans and siblings on a dog bed (her choice).  She loves to go "bye-by" and will load up in the car with no problem.  When she arrives back at her home she gets out and goes right to the front door.  

Reba enjoys blueberries, strawberries, broccoli and avocado.  She is a counter surfer another thing that is being worked on.  Reba loves to cuddle, but on her terms.  She will chase cats if they run from her.  

Her foster family tells us she is a joy to have in their home, and know she is ready for her own "furever" home.

We can help more dogs if we have more volunteers. If you can help in any way, please contact us.

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