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Senior Dog

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This bright and sophisticated German Shepherd is an exclusive blend! She may seem shy at first but this young senior is an extraordinary companion. She has a happy disposition and still has some good pep in her step. You’ll soon be hooked on Champagne and will never get enough of this gentle and kind little lady.

-Champagne is extremely affiliative with people

-Champagne is a stunningly gorgeous girl who will turn all the heads on walks

-Champagne has a very friendly and sweet way about her

-Champagne has shown great potty manners in her foster home.

Champagne is available for a foster-to-adopt trial and a super fan has covered her adoption fee!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Champagne is a very sweet-tempered girl! She is house trained and has the best manners- She understands “sit” and will respond to “no” and “stay.” I think someone taught her “leave it” as well. She doesn’t bark. She makes very little noise at all. Inside, there might be the occasional audible sigh when she is trying to communicate something. She is so well-behaved at home. She does not go to the bathroom in the house and thinks that pee pee pads are for resting on. She also won’t get up on the sofa unless invited and then, even rarely. She loves going for rides in the car and also enjoys meal time- she is food motivated!

Champagne can chill at home by herself for a few hours, we’ve left her for about 4 hours with no problems. She prefers being with the company of her humans. A good licky mat and calming treats keep her occupied when left alone at home and when she is bored with that, she will just wait by the door until your return. She sleeps through the night, but will come over to me in the morning because she thinks it’s time for breakfast. If it’s before 7:00 am, I give her some kisses and send her back to her bed and she goes back to bed.

You have to be alert when walking her because she acts like it’s her mission in life to find food while outside. But a stern “leave it” usually does the trick. She responds pretty well to a firm tone, She sometimes gets extra excited when she sees other dogs so be mindful when walking her on leash because she will occasionally grumble. I take her on short walks in the morning, evening and sometimes late afternoon and then one longer walk when I can. As far as people go, she is not shy – Champagne is very comfortable going right up to anyone and smelling them. She is interested in all humans and doesn’t display any fear of anyone.

As far as energy levels, it’s about what you would expect for a 10 year old GSD. She’s probably most energetic 3-4 hours after breakfast. She is excited to go out and she gets playful when you are trying to put her harness on. But she definitely does not play rough.

She will make someone a very sweet, gentle companion!!

If interested in adopting Champagne, please contact Muttville (415) 272-4172

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